Our Mindset

"One charisma to the service of life and health”.

The founding thought of “Las Hermanas de la Caridad Dominicanas de la Presentación de la Santísima Virgen de Tours". Marie Poussepin’s service for the sick has its origin on loving God and loving thy neighbor; Jesus Christ is the role model of its pastoral action.

Marie Poussepin, our founder, has established clear guidelines for all of those that wish to care for the sick. Today we define those guidelines as:

Anthropologic Vision

Charisma’s ExpressionIts Expression Today
“Is Christ to whom we serve through the ill. Those that treat ought to see Christ in the ill and the ill ought to see Christ on who he serves him”. Anthropologic Vision
Biblical – Theological

Integral Service

Charisma’s ExpressionIts Expression Today
“You will not be satisfied with giving physical relief, you’ll stride to aid the person’s souls more than his/her body”. “Attention to the different dimensions of an individual”
“You will bring forth the instructions of the treatments that help the sick”. Information and education of the patient and of his/her family
“You will give jobs to the sick and weak according to their capabilities and illness, without overwhelming them”. Playful activities and occupational therapy
“You will notify the priest when you perceive the illness to be dangerous. You will invite them to ask for the sacraments and prepare the ill for them, when the time is right”. Spiritual and sacramental assistance
“In case of sever sickness, you will double the prayer efforts and always will there be someone by the patient’s bed”.
Human and pastoral companionship

Required Profile

Charisma’s ExpressionsIts Expression Today
It is imperative that the person that is in charge of aiding the patients be: charitable with everyone, sweet, patient with the illness’s undesirable manifestations, diligent, skilled, cautious, orderly and quick to solve the patient’s requests. It’s also important that their behavior helps maintain the composure of everyone around him or her. Attitudes and personal values
Control the patients without losing composure.
Use calm, soothing and simple language, and be kind on their responses.
Interpersonal Competence
Dedicated to their work, always ready to do good and have pure intentions behind everything you do. Ethical Aspect.


Charisma’s ExpressionsIts Expression Today
Every day you will put effort towards your devotion to the virgin Mary and try to mimic her virtues. You will take her as your patron and celebrate in her honor the day of her Presentation. Aspect of Mary
“Have present the presence of god in all of your deeds. For that, you ought to speak to him often, converse with him frequently and renovate often your intentions of doing so for his glory”. Teo-centric Spirituality

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