Institutional Principles and Vales



"Love one another as I have loved you" (Jn 13:34).
Love of neighbor is rooted in love of God and is above all a task for every Christian.


Attitude of help, dedication, warmth, readiness to identify and respond to the needs of people in the physical, moral, spiritual and social context with a great spirit of gratuitousness.


Ethical and moral norm that governs human conduct.
Being able to respond, correspond to a request with opportunity, seriousness and prudence, aware of the effects of compliance or non-compliance with what is entrusted.


It recognizes the dignity and autonomy of each human being and accepts the right to difference.



Human quality that consists in behaving and expressing oneself with coherence and sincerity, in accordance with the values ​​of truth and justice.


Complete response to an individual’s needs that extends to family members and the community as a whole, maintaining a positive attitude.


A culture of leadership is expected to guide work teams at different levels of management. It involves the ability to lead others to achieve results.


Prevent and / or minimize the risk of the occurrence of adverse care events, occupational accidents, internal emergencies and / or disconnect and other events that affect people, processes, image, infrastructure, technology, staff, environments work and environment.

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