Institutional Principles and Vales



God’s gift to mankind. A love that is a mission on itself and a life project that allows us to be in communion with each other, without excluding anybody. Loving your neighbor is rooted in loving god and it is a duty for every Christian on earth.


Permanent availability to treat the patient, as well as his or her family and coworkers according to the organization’s policies.


Ethical and moral calling that guides human behavior to answer freely and promptly those commitments that one has agreed to.


To abide by the considerations of other people and to treat them with deference. It also necessitates the recognition of intrinsic human value without making distinctions based on religion, race or social condition.



Acting transparently, that is to say, to remain coherent in the way that it one thinks, speaks and does.


Complete response to an individual’s needs that extends to family members and the community as a whole, maintaining a positive attitude.


The leader is an integral person that uses his or her given authority as a service for his or her team. He or she teaches, plans and leads by example, representing the institutional values through his or her actions and relationship with others.


Caution, forecasts or previsions that facilitate the assessment of a given situation, objects or places, which is done to focus on imagining what could, potentially, be a detriment to the people involved or the greater community, so that is avoided.

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