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During recent years, companies have come to recognise the importance of well rested and healthy employees and it because of that why La Clínica El Rosario has come up with a program called “Regálate un día de Salud (Take a health break)”. Said program consists of an executive medical check that, apart from others, is designed specifically for the individual person that requests it.

The executive check that is offered by La Clínica is the most complete bundle of examinations, diagnostics and medical inquiries that allow us to examine a person comprehensively, that means, paying attention to both their mental and their physical states. The program is available for men and women as it is also available for children, through the new “Toddler and Juvenile Check”, that is designed for children and teenagers and which focuses on preventing cardiovascular risks and teaching about healthy activities and practices.

We invite you to learn about the different programs that you can come in contact with and solicitate an appointment.

“Remember that just one healthy day means many more to come in a happy and joyful life”.

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