Rights and duties of the patient and his/her family

The Clinica El Rosario, in respect of the dignity that is proper to each person and accepting the ethical-legal guidelines, adopts the rights and duties of the patient as basic postulates for a humanized service centered on the person, undertakes to recognize these rights and promote the fulfillment of duties, Resolution 13437/1991 Ministry of Health.

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Reception and dignified treatment, without discrimination, that respects your beliefs and customs.
Listen and respond to your needs related to the care process.
A comprehensive, timely humanized and safe care.
Understandable and appropriate communication to your condition, during the entire care process.
Respect of your religious creed and receive spiritual support if you wish.
Privacy and confidentiality of information, except legal requirements.
Management of pain in a timely manner.
Respect of your autonomy in decision-making regarding your care, treatment and procedures.
Choose a Doctor for your care and Request a second medical opinion according to the available resources of the Clinic.
Information regarding costs of services, how to report your service experience, as well as other administrative aspects
Be informed about the research studies and that your decision to participate or not is expected.
Respect your decision to donate your organs or not.
A dignified death: in the company of your family, without pain, without thirst, without hunger and without abandonment.
Give respectful treatment to staff and other patients.
Give complete and reliable information to the staff that attends you.
Collaborate in your care follow the instructions given by the health team.
Ask and clarify your doubts, as well as take care of your belongings.
Respect the religious creed of the institution and other people.
Designate in writing a legal guardian or a person responsible for receiving your information and accessing your medical file.
Participate in decision making and assume them responsibly.
Give written consent or dissent for procedures, treatments or situations that are required.  
Make rational use of the services and Collaborate with the protocols and the standards designed for your safety.
Pay timely the costs not covered by your insurer and use the mechanisms established by the Clinic for your comments and suggestions.
Give your consent in writing regarding your participation.
Leave written your decision not to donate your organs.
The family must ensure accompaniment.

These duties and rights have their legal basis in articles 48 and 49 of Cap. 2
of the Colombian Constitution and resolution 13437 of 1991 of the Ministry of Health.


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