Rights and duties of the patient and his/her family

En Nuestro Modelo de Atención la integralidad, humanización, la seguridad clínica y el respeto a la dignidad de la persona es un compromiso. Los invitamos a que conozcan sus Derechos y respeten sus Deberes en pro de una excelente comunicación y uso de los servicios.

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Telephone Lines are open 24 hrs. a day.

Choose freely the medical institution that you want to be treated in, according to your insurance contract.
Have clear and complete communication with your doctor regarding: your illness, procedures, forecast, treatment and risks. Accept or deny procedures.
Have your dignity, autonomy, beliefs and traditions be treated with respect, along with personal opinions about your illness.
Have complete confidence that your sensitive or personal information is being handled carefully and confidentially, with the exception of legal requirements to which the clinic must comply with.
That you are being given the best medical assistance that is available and that said assistance is opportune, secure and can be backed by a professional’s second opinion.
Receive information about the administer procedures and their costs, when it is apt.
Accept or decline spiritual, ethical and moral support.
Have your willingness (or lack thereof) to participate in investigations be respected, according to current legislation.
Have your willingness (or lack thereof) to donate organs be respected.
Be provided the conditions necessary for a dignified death (without suffering from pain, thirst, hunger or abandonment), following the natural development of the last stages of terminal illnesses and consequent death, and to always be by your family.
To respect the institution, its processes and its collaborators. To observe and comply with norms regarding the community and cleaning and security policies.
To disclose all relevant information related to your medical history to the appropriate personnel, if asked to. To give your inform consent to the forms provided by the institution regarding treatment while being aware of their risks and side effects.
To respect the religious beliefs of the institution. To always look after the common good. To complain, request or congratulate the personnel that has been put in charge of you.
To collaborate with the protection of the confidential information about the treatment process.
To inform the doctor about the decisions and will of the patient in cases where a terminal illness is present: non-reanimation and voluntary check-out.
To take responsibility for the copayments, excesses and services that are not covered by your insurance company.
To solicitate spiritual and religious accompaniment where you see fit.
To participate (or not) in medical investigations.
To give written consent in order to accept or decline organ donations, according to current legislation.
The family has an obligation to be by the patient’s side during sickness and in death.

Estos deberes y derechos tienen su fundamento legal en los artículos 48 y 49 del Cáp. 2
de la Constitución política de Colombia y la resolución 13437 de 1991 del Ministerio de Salud.

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