Our “Labmédico” Establishment

The “Laboratorio Médico de Referencia (Medical Laboratory of Reference)”, also known as S.A.S. or Labmédico, which is the name of our medical laboratory, was created with the intention of provide an integral clinical laboratory services to the areas dedicated to preventions, diagnostics and administration of treatments.

It began functioning on October 1st of 1999, supported by the strategic alliance of two important institutions with ample experience and a rich history of providing medical services. Those two institutions where “La Clínica El Rosario” and the “Centro de Investigaciones Médicas de Antioquia (CIMA)”, which, at the time, had under their belt 45 and 25 years of experience, respectively. With the term “MÉDICO (Medic)” we want to bring attention to the importance of management and guidance that is provided by medics that are experts in Laboratory Medicine or Clinical Pathologies. At the same time, by using the word “REFERENCIA (Reference)” we illustrate and highlight our technology and developments that have allowed us, in a short period of time, to offer our services to another clinics, hospitals and laboratories of the area.

The laboratory is submersed in the current socio-economic context of our country, as well as in the current state of global technology and scientific advancements. It has been incorporating the latest technologies that allows us to come up with faster, more precise and automated diagnostics. All of this working in conjunction with the high-quality human resources that integrates it. The result is an excellent service and, what’s most important: A better quality of life for our customers.

Quality Policy:

Our objective is to serve our medics with laboratory and clinical exams, along with blood resources, so they can carry out their activities related to the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of patients.

We use the necessary technology to assure quality and confidence in the results provided when they are required, aided by qualified personnel that is humane and has a high degree of ethical responsibility. It is also involved in the process of managing needed systems of information that distribute data along with handpicked suppliers that are a representation of our policies in action with a quality plan that is continuously improving, along with our services.




Labmédico was created with the intention of providing an integral clinical laboratory service to the areas dedicated to preventions, diagnostics and administration of treatments.

Hematology and Coagulation

The combination of two high-end technologies: Electrical impedance and high-resolution Cytometry of the Beckman Coulter LH 500 equipment, provides very high degrees of precision for the results of 23 hematological parameters reported in hemoleucogram. The three-dimensional VCS technology applies an algorithm to classify white blood cells according to the dispersion data provided by a laser beam. Considering the advancements in these areas, our laboratory offers in its hematology department, cutting edge technology for our patients.

On the other hand, our coagulation service researches and conducts inquiries about patients that have specific pathologies and those that have received anticoagulants. It utilizes completely automated equipment of microcentrifuge nephelometry. Adding to that, barcode and one-way data transmission technology ensures that precise results are delivered on time.

Blood chemistry and body fluids

The usage of the so called “Dry chemistry”, patented by the company “Johnson & Johnson“, allows us, under very strict quality control standards, to offer almost 50 different blood, urine and body fluids chemistry tests in order to evaluate the state of various biological systems such as cardiovascular, neurological, metabolic, hepatic and kidney health. The combination of VITROS 350’s robotic arms along with barcodes sample scanning and electronic transmission of information guarantees precision and exactness in the results when they are most needed.

Immunology and Endocrinology

It conducts tests related to the diagnosis of hormonal, oncological, metabolic and cardiac diseases; adding to its responsibilities regarding the serology of infectious diseases, drugs control and reproductive health. These tests are based off on third generation equipment that makes use of amplified chemiluminescence, the use of this technology, combined with automated data communications, ensures reliable and trustworthy results.


The study of viruses, fungi, bacteria and infection-inducing parasites constitutes one of the most demanding and complex areas of a clinical laboratory, where capable human resources are the most critical aspect. Our laboratory is equipped with 2 specialized medics in microbiology and medical parasitology and 2 bacteriologists with 20 years of experience in this area. Currently, we offer a service that is highly esteemed by clinics and hospitals in what concerns the recognition and testing necessary to treat an infection.

Blood Bank

Our Blood Bank has received an “A” ranking by the INVIMA. It supplies high-quality blood by making use of third generation biological testing, immunohematology procedures and column agglutination. The apheresis and patient attention programs that require periodic plasmatic replacement in order to treat specific pathologies, make up the total high complexity services provided by the Blood Bank. It also promotes and supports voluntary blood donations, for which it has stablished a club called “Gotas de vida (Drops of life)” and it is composed of voluntary donors who have committed themselves with improving the health of others.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: (4) 444 0795

Clínica El Rosario - Tesoro Center - Calle 20 sur No. 2 sur 185 - PBX: 326 92 63

Clínica El Rosario, Downtown Center  - Calle 63 No. 41 - 27  (Edificio CIMA) - PBX 292 07 95

Clínica del Campestre - Calle 17 sur No. 44-06 - PBX: 44420 06

Ciudad del Río: Calle 19 a N°44 – 15, edificio Salud y Servicios

For more information visit our website at: www.labmedico.com

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