Handling of Sensitive Information Policy


proteccion datosLa CLÍNICA EL ROSARIO, establishment which is property of LA COMUNIDAD DE HERMANAS DOMINICAS DE LA PRESENTACIÓN, takes responsibility for the handling of sensitive information that relates to patients, users, clients, affiliates, providers, employees and anyone that has supply their personal information to the institution. It does so abiding by the Law n° 1581, signed in 2012, that is regulated by the Decree N° 1377, signed in 2013. Everyone whose information is currently stored in the database can ask for that information to be updated, corrected, ratified or suspended according to the cited legislation and the LA CLÍNICA EL ROSARIO’S HANDLING OF SENSITIVE INFORMATION POLICY.

In compliance with the cited legislations and norms, the clinic has adopted a set of legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that no data is lost, altered or access by a third party. That is instrumental in the overall objective to guarantee the integral safety of our clients.

The owners of the information, aligned with the clinic’s policies, consent without a shadow of a doubt to the management of their data by LA CLÍNICA EL ROSARIO, in our efforts to achieve our social goals, which include our medical, commercial, scientific, promotional, informative, educational and work-related ends.

We also inform that it is our legal responsibility to answer questions that relate to sensitive information or that relate to minors. Sensitive information is defined as those that affect or involve the intimacy of its owner and those that could lead to discrimination, for example: Religious beliefs, political opinions, philosophical and human right stances, as well as information that relates to the health, sexual activity and biometric data.

The open channels of communication intended to receive complaints and petitions related to the handling of personal information are: 1) The SAD (Servicio de Administración Documental/Documents Management Service) divisions on our main centers which are the Tesoro Center and the Villa Hermosa center, addressed Carrera 20 #2 south 185 (Telephone: 326.91.00) and Carrera 41 # 62 – 05 (Telephone: 295.90.00), respectively, 2) Our institutional email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any other communication channel is not considered a valid. That includes our social media spaces and our websites.

You can read our HANDLING OF SENSITIVE INFORMATION POLICY in the following link:
Handling of Sensitive Information Policy

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