Innovation Center and Health Investigation

Engrain in its institutional mission to “contribute to the well-being and healthiness of ill individuals by providing an integral and safe service that’s humane and different from all others”, “La Clínica El Rosario”, aligned with its strategic plan, defined the critical areas to work on to achieve its mission and vision. It also defined as one of its most important objectives to “guarantee a culture of innovation and differentiation, by managing our knowledge for the development of institutional products and services”.

The great amounts of scientific research based on our institutional profile, as well as our diverse number of disciplines, makes it so that competition for the resolution of health problems of our users can be utilized to produce great growth in our knowledge base, wealth, productivity and competitiveness. Positioning our institution in a privileged place in the country and the world.

Strategies directed at the development of innovation and knowledge of the institution are cemented in the following prospects:

• Investigation is the cornerstone of innovation.
• The creation, strengthening, and development of investigation centers on strategic areas promotes scientific and technological advancement, and with that, innovation.
• A culture that focuses on innovation and differentiation helps support the development of institutional products and services.
• A model designed for generating, utilizing, managing and securing knowledge enriches the strategy, the decision-making process and competitiveness.

The activities that are carried out in the investigation’s center support the innovation processes and the management of knowledge, relying on different investigations methodologies that are carried out in both locations and it involves every area of the institution in a way that all can contribute to the investigation processes and product development.

To lead and facilitate directives to help create a culture that handles and oversees knowledge and innovation, following the guides of the organizational way of thinking, its strategic guidelines and the fulfillment of stablished policies and agreed-on procedures.

Ethic Committee of Investigations

Required documentation necessary to submit an investigation proposal:

• Main investigator’s Curriculum Vitae.
• Complete project (with appropriate appendixes).
• Informed consent.
• Project presentation form provided by La Clínica El Rosario.
• Letter of request for the submission, directed towards the Ethic Committee of Investigations (In charge of Dr. Jorge René Estupiñán, its president).
• Financial aspects, if needed.

Schedule for the year 2019

The committee gets together once every two months, on the last Thursday of that month.

  • January 31st
  • March 28th
  • May 30th
  • July 25th
  • September 26th
  • November 28th

Ethic Committee of Investigations’ meeting schedule for 2019

POSTERS - Experiences and research in national and international events

The El Rosario Clinic is an institution committed and aware of its role in the health and society sector and its impact on the generation of new knowledge through clinical practice, as well as the categorical importance of research, innovation and the transfer of knowledge as an engine for the improvement of the services offered and the promotion and prevention of health.

La Clínica El Rosario ha de ser útil para la generación de prácticas que impulsan la calidad en función de mayores niveles de excelencia que influya de manera positiva en la oferta de valor a sus usuarios, es así como presentamos nuestros resultados tanto de índole científico como de procesos sistemáticos diseñados para la recuperación y mejoramiento de la salud, alineada a su plataforma estratégica, apostando por seguir fomentando la cultura de la calidad y el mejoramiento continuo.

The El Rosario Clinic must be useful for the generation of practices that promote quality based on higher levels of excellence that positively influence the value offer to its users, this is how we present our results both scientific and systematic processes designed for the recovery and improvement of health, aligned with its strategic platform, committed to continue promoting the culture of quality and continuous improvement.

Process reengineering - 2017

Estrategias de Humanización del Trabajo de Parto - 2018

Improving the functionality of the patient with vertebral fractures - 2018

Strengthening Humanization Competencies - 2019

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