Maintenance and Engineering Department

The Department of Maintenance and Engineering is a support service that concerns itself with the maintenance of the hospital’s infrastructure and its technology, whether it be biomedical or industrial. It also takes part in activities related to metrological management, acquisitions, environmental compromises, techno-vigilance and social responsibility.

Types of professionals that integrate that department: The personnel of this department have vast years of training, education, professional formation and experience to serve a complete purpose in the areas of: Bio-medics, biometrics, electronics, electromechanics, telecommunications, civil engineering and others.

The personnel of Maintenance and Engineering is registered in the INVIMA database for the intervention of biomedical equipment, as they should be, according with the Decree N° 4725 of 2005.


  • To guarantee the safety of employees, family members and patients through the maintenance of safe and comfortable environments.
  • Manage the available technology and infrastructure to be on par with national and international standards.
  • To test the reliability of the biomedical technology through planning and management of metrological assortment.
  • Select suppliers that prove to be ideal for the task of preventive and corrective maintenance of areas and equipment.

Its importance:

The department, through its care for equipment and physical spaces of La Clínica El Rosario, enables the creation and sustenance of secure and comfortable physical spaces that benefit our users. It is comprised of:

  • The laundromat
  • General services
  • Maintenance and Engineering

Concrete benefits that it contributes to the institution, suppliers and users:

The concrete benefits that this department contributes to the institution can be reflected in the correct assessment of the users’ needs, the ability to be self-sufficient and being able to depend on technical and administrative support for most areas.

More information at:

Maintenance and Engineering, Downtown Center: 2959000 Ext 9074 - 9043 - 9099

Maintenance and Engineering Tesoro Center: 3269100 Ext 5033 – 5027

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