Pastoral Healthcare

La Clínica El Rosario, through “La Comunidad de las Hermanas Dominicas de la Presentación” and the priests’ support, carries an important legacy based on accompanying the sick, that is derived from Marie Poussepin’s heirloom. It accomplishes the objective of its institutional philosophy in respecting the values and beliefs of the patient and his/her family, while at the same time giving answers to questions about spiritual and religious matters.

Every patient, family member or healthcare personnel that is in need of some sort of pastoral service can direct themselves to the offices of Costumer and Pastoral Support, which is located on the first floor in both centers. Other options include calling to the clinic using the next extension numbers: 9010, 5080, 5041, 5741 or to talk to the chief of nurses of every service.

The chaplain’s service hours are:

On weekdays: From 7 AM to 8 PM.

On Saturdays: From 2 PM to 7 PM

On Sundays and holidays: From 9 AM to 2 PM.

During the night and the chaplain’s off hours, the Sisters will take care of your pastoral request and will locate the nearest priest for you.

The chaplain’s services include:

Sacramental services:

  • Unction of patients: This rite can only be requested by the patient or his/her family and can only be performed by the priest.
  • Reconciliation: This rite can only be requested in person, for oneself. For the patients, it is carried out during the chaplain’s service hours. Family members can benefit from this rite on visitor’s hours or at 5:30 PM in the Clinic’s chapel.
  • Baptism: Only children that are in danger of dying or nearing death can be baptized by the request of their parents.
  • Eucharist: It is performed from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays, at 6:00 PM on Saturdays and at 11:30 AM on holidays and Sundays. They are performed by the chaplain and Sister Cecilia, who is the sacristan. In order to celebrate the Eucharist in the expressed timeframes, the chaplain’s availability is essential. On special occasions, Eucharist is celebrated by the clinic’s personnel. The last Friday of each bimester, a Eucharist is celebrated to honor the people that have passed away in the clinic, during those months.

Pastoral Assistance

  • Viaticum or patient’s communion: Every day, and preferably during the morning, the chaplain visits all the patients and offers communion to them, service that can be extended to family members and companions too. It’s recorded in the epi-info form.
  • Blessings and prayers: To the people that can’t commune because of the delicate state of their health, it is offered a prayer service and spiritual communion. The same is done for children born in the presence of their parents. It also is recorded in the epi-info form.
  • Conference about mourning.

Spiritual Companionship

  • Moral and ethical counseling
  • Hearings
  • Companionship of patients and family of the UCI
  • Companionship during mourning
  • Companionship during vigil
  • Family companionship
  • Cancer Patients Companionship
  • Counseling during situations where an abortion has occurred (whether induced or accidental), where a stillborn was had or in cases of malformations, transfusions, brain death, organ donations and decline of treatment.

Pastoral Assistance to personnel

  • Training and education
  • Orientation for new employees
  • Spiritual retirements
  • Spiritual companionship
  • Celebration of religious and institutional holidays (Lent, Easter, Christmas, Marie Poussepin’s holiday, Presentación de la Virgen holiday, Nuestra señora del Rosario holiday, Santo Domingo de Guzmán holiday, etc).
  • Celebration of medical worker’s day, doctor’s day, secretary’s day, and the like.

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