Patient’s Safety

La Clínica el Rosario, fully committed to the safety of our patients, possesses:

  • A healthcare model that prides itself in being: focused on the patient, integral, humane, safe and opportune.
  • A Safety Policy focused in securing and controlling all possible risks associated with sickness treatment that extends not only to the patient, but to his/her family or caretaker. It works mainly to prevent the occurrence of adverse effects and to diminish their severity, if they do occur.
  • A Patient’s Safety Program that is aligned to the safety policies.

  • The Patient’s Safety Program has predetermined focus points that are aligned with the WHO’s objectives for patient safety, our current legislation, our own standards and the implementation of Clinical Management. This program operates at the self-control levels that are present in the different departments and institutional committees, defining the stages of: Diagnosis, prioritization, plan definition, implementation, follow up, conclusion and education.

    The clinic implements different methodologies that make it possible to confront the risks that can appear in our practices through the Diagnosis of the Flow of Risk in Active Services and AMEF Evaluation, with the goal of obstructing their occurrence.

    The clinic also possesses operative event analysis groups that are called “plotting groups”, where analysis is carried out and plans to manage risks get defined. These institutional committees are another instance of self-control that greatly contribute to the risk management efforts and, in conjunction with the other methodologies and polices, define interventions and take decisions that positively impact the patient’s safety.

    There also exists the presence of an integral management tool of events related to patient’s safety that contributes to the pinpointing of risks in a way that is preventive, amicable and aligned with the prerequisites of the national health authorities.

    It has a dedicated area that leads in the field of training and educating, which answers for all the requirements that are expected to be met by the personnel, including in matters of safety and security. Patient safety is a topic that is included in the institutional orientation and reorientation given to employees, suppliers and the like.


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